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Versant Releases XML Toolkit

E-business infrastructure software vendor Versant Corp. , Monday released the Versant Extensible Markup Language Toolkit.

VXML Toolkit allows users to import and export data from a Versant (VSNT) database into XML. The product is targeted at developers using XML for dynamic information interchange and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) for business logic tiers to enable them to more easily build B2B applications, information portals, and e-business applications.

"VXML Toolkit allows XML content to be mapped directly into Java objects and stored persistently in the middle-tier. The toolkit simplifies the development of B2B applications, portals and data-brokers that aggregate data from disparate corporate data sources, transform it to XML and cache the data in the middle-tier for e-business applications," said Nipun Sehgal, vice president of Engineering, Versant Corp..

VXML Toolkit comes with multiple language support, enabling the import and export of objects created using C++/Versant, J/Versant or C/Versant language interfaces. It enables the bulk import and export of XML data, enabling the Versant ODBMS to serve as a persistent cache for enterprise data-sources. VXML Toolkit is written in pure Java and operates in any Versant environment.

Versant XML Toolkit consists of two APIs, one for exporting objects as XML, another for importing XML into objects, and command line utilities for bulk export and import. Other VXML features include: choice of raw database representation or language structured view, predicate selection of classes or instances to export, control over attributes exported, import of existing database objects and attributes, and import of new database objects preserving their interrelationships.

A beta version of the VXML toolkit software is currently available for download at no charge from Versant's Web site. The toolkit will be bundled into Versant Developer Suite 6.0, scheduled for availability late this summer.