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Tek-Tools Ships Java Development Environment

Tek-Tools Inc. this week released KAWA 4.0, its integrated development environment for the Java programming language.

This new version of the KAWA IDE features debugging, project and workspace format in XML along with selected capabilities of the CodeWright Editor.

This advanced version of KAWA provides developers with everything they need in an IDE--even including local, remote and distributed debugging. The tool is compatible with all versions of Sun Microsystems' JDK, including new releases. This release of KAWA features an improved Java-based Plug-in architecture that provides developers with full-featured APIs for integrating their other tools or applications.

Ken Barth, president of Tek-Tools Inc. is very enthusiastic about this release.

"KAWA 4.0 incorporates features that our users have been asking for - better, faster debugging, a solid editor, plus support for EJB development."

William Woo, general manager of HP's Embedded Software Operation, further commented that "this is another example in a growing ISV community whose products support ChaiVM, HP's complete environment for running Java programming language applications on information appliances. KAWA is a powerful IDE that offers a rich debugger interface that works well with ChaiVM, giving developers an easy-to-use development environment."

Retail pricing for KAWA 4.0 starts at $129 for a single developer license, and developers can download KAWA 4.0 as a 30-day free evaluation from the Tek-Tools Web site.