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Sun Ships Forte for Java

Sun Microsystems Inc. this week began shipping Forte for Java, Community Edition 1.0, an integrated development environment for the Java 2 Platform.

Forte for Java, Community Edition is based completely on open standards. The software aims to offer an extensible, integrated, cross-platform development environment to enable the rapid development of dot-com applications.

It is available at no charge for download through Sun Microsystems. The product runs on the Solaris Operating Environment, Linux, and Windows 98 and Windows NT platforms.

"The Forte for Java, Community Edition binary release offers Java technology developers new levels of productivity tools based on this powerful, intuitive software development environment," said Mark Herring, Director of Marketing Forte Tools, Sun Microsystems (SUNW).

Forte for Java, Community Edition has a modular Java technology development environment that delivers integrated visual design, editing, compilation, and debugging capabilities to create full-featured Web-enabled applications based on the Java programming language.

The product is completely cross-platform compatible, allowing developers to use the Solaris Operating Environment, Linux, and Windows platforms.

Sun anticipates that this release is the first in a series of developer productivity tools that will include Forte for Java, Internet and Forte for Java, Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition forms the foundation of the Forte for Java product line, which Sun recently announced, and it will be released under the Mozilla Public License to the open source community.

Forte for Java, Community Edition is written entirely in the Java programming language and features extensive support of open standards, including Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition and development on any Java virtual machine. Key product features include: a text editor, an open object-oriented architecture, a form editor, a multithreaded debugger, and an object browser.

The Forte for Java product family is Sun's attempt to deliver a complete set of development and integration tools for creating dot-com applications, from the simplest to the most complex. It is designed so users can begin at any of three entry points, and move up to a more powerful version of the IDE as their needs evolve.