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IBM Solidifies SOA Stance

IBM made two significant moves to improve its service-oriented architecture (SOA) portfolio.

IBM's Software Group has purchased an enterprise license of LogicLibrary's Logidex to help catalog and manage the reusability of software assets, such as Web services , legacy applications, components, XML schema and frameworks.

Logidex will complement IBM's Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational Application Developer change and configuration management software, according to LogicLibrary CEO Greg Coticchia. IBM will use Rational and Logidex to ease business processes integration for customers.

While the Rational line also boasts reusability to cut down on the amount of code programmers have to write, Coticchia said IBM picked Logidex for features not found in the Rational line. The Logidex SDA Library lists assets and their relationships to each other, including technical infrastructure overlays and business processes.

Coticchia, whose company enjoys a hosting relationship with Microsoft, called the sale a big customer win for the Pittsburgh-based upstart because of IBM's status as a major software tools provider. IBM acquired Rational in 2002, shoring up its software portfolio against the likes of Microsoft and Borland.

Software tools providers such as IBM, LogicLibrary and Borland have been advocating and helping customers implement application lifecycle management (ALM), which lets developers manage a piece of software from the time it is written to the time it is ready to be reused.

"Using pre-built, reusable components and services delivers enormous business benefits, including reduced development costs, elimination of redundancies and the rapid creation of new offerings and composite applications," Coticchia said.

"The Logidex purchase is a big win for both IBM and LogicLibrary," said ZapThink analyst Jason Bloomberg. "For IBM, it's a critical tool for the software group's ongoing componentization efforts, and for LogicLibrary, it's a huge customer win."

Setting up an SOA is a challenge itself with all of its movable parts, which is why vendors are successfully hawking management software to corral SOAs.

While IBM's Software Group chose to buy LogicLibrary for in-house use, IBM Global Services (IGS) chose to help a valued partner sell its SOA management software. Big Blue inked a worldwide reseller deal with AmberPoint.

Terms of the deal call for IGS to offer AmberPoint's software as part of its SOA Management Practice, designed to help customers scale their SOAs to cover their bases.

AmberPoint will also provide training and support for IBM's sales and consulting teams, although financial terms were not made public. Widely regarded by analysts, the concern was the first vendor to sell software that runs natively in Java and .NET.

IBM wasn't done Monday. In related news, Web services security provider Forum Systems said it has successfully integrated Forum XWall Web Services Firewall and Forum Sentry Web Services Security Gateway with IBM's Tivoli Access Manager (TAM). TAM uses security and access management for Fortune 1000 customers revving up SOAs.