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CA Joins Eclipse for Tools Testing

The open source Eclipse Foundation secured another ally when Computer Associates International agreed to join and contribute code to the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) project.

Members of the TPTP Top-Level project are building a standards-based platform that software developers can use to fashion tools for tracing/profiling, tuning, logging, monitoring, analysis and autonomics in computing systems.

Eclipse's TPTP Project Management Committee (PMC) has also chosen CA to spearhead the TPTP Monitoring Tools project, according to a statement.

Work for aligning CA with Eclipse is already under way: CA has worked closely with the Eclipse Project to integrate its AllFusion Harvest Change Manager with Eclipse 3.0.

AllFusion Harvest Change Manager manages software lifecycles to improve the quality of traditional and Web-based applications. Access of the AllFusion application from any Eclipse environment provides a single console for changes and helps meet government record-keeping and compliance guidelines.

Computer Associates competes with IBM , HP , Mercury Interactive and Serena Software in the market for management software.

Eclipse has been on a development roll since severing long-time ties with IBM, which had dumped $40 million to fund the project, prompting rivals such as Sun Microsystems to perceive Big Blue as the mastermind behind the organization.

Sun, which supports its own developer's platform called NetBeans, flirted with joining Eclipse. But neither Eclipse nor Sun have been able to bridge the technical and philosophical gaps associated with two distinct organizations.

The group appointed former Oracle employee Mike Milinkovich executive director last spring and reorganized into a tiered structure, committing itself to completing open source and commercial projects. In June, the group rolled out the third version of the Java-based Eclipse tools platform.