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Intel Exec Named Liberty Alliance President

Single sign-on standards group Liberty Alliance has appointed Intel executive George Goodman president.

Goodman replaced Michael Barrett, vice president of security strategy at American Express, whose term expired. Presidents of the Liberty Alliance serve one-year terms, according to a spokesman, who said Barrett will remain on the board as vice president.

As director of Intel's Visualization and Trust Lab, Goodman finds ways for Intel platforms to authenticate users' identities. He has served as a member of Liberty's management board since Intel joined the Liberty Alliance in July.

"Intel joined Liberty Alliance to help the organization's solid federated identity management solutions reach more capable, robust client platforms, which we've definitely achieved in 2004," Goodman said in a statement. "Our task going forward is to look at how Liberty can support, promote and work with other existing standards projects to strengthen the emerging identity infrastructure. We look forward to 2005 being the year of convergence."

One example of the convergence Goodman speaks of is the possible integration between the Liberty project, whose board consists of member companies such as HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems, and the Web Services Interoperability group, which also works on ways to enable secure Web services transactions.

Liberty and WS-I have been viewed by some as rivals, but both are moving toward the same goals. Many experts expect they will join forces on some fronts.

One obstacle to both is on the decline, as Microsoft is losing ubiquity with its own single-sign on Passport system. Major partners, such as Monster.com and eBay have dropped Passport support out of security concerns.