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Wind River Paves Its Linux Way

Wind River's Linux initiatives are winning over developers and customers, the company said today, as it announced the availability of the Linux Edition Reference Design Release (RDR) of its Platform for Network Equipment.

According to Wind River, the RDR allows customers to validate their designs for both internal use and, in some cases, for external customers they are providing products to.

Last November, Wind River announced its Linux push, and the company now claims that more than 1,000 developer seats have already been licensed in that short time frame.

"[Today's announcement] actually gives proof positive that the announcements we made in November weren't just announcements," John Fanelli, vice president of product management and planning at Wind River, told internetnews.com. "We are delivering a fully functioning product that is based on the 2.6 kernel, ATCA (Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture) and carrier grade Linux 2. The delivery of the product is not just us tooting our own horn but is making an immediate impact with customers such as Nortel."

According to Wind River, Nortel chose Wind River Workbench development suite as its preferred development suite for Linux-based platform products, as well as VxWorks-based products.

"Workbench in and of itself is a great development environment and has a number of features they found interesting," Fanelli said. "Absolutely the fact that they are able to use that common, consistent development environment across products that are using VxWorks, as well as using products that use Linux, is extremely attractive. It's a pretty important and pretty significant customer win for us."

For Wind River, its Linux offering is viewed as a strong complement to its existing VxWorks real-time environment and one that has thus far exceeded expectations.

"We think that the response both initially and now that we're delivering products has been overwhelming, and we think that it will be a great accelerator for our business alongside our real-time OS capabilities," Fanelli said.