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Sleepycat Launches Latest Berkeley DB

Sleepycat Software launched a new version of Berkeley DB Java Edition and is offering the catnip of performance and usability improvements with this release.

The release comes ahead of the JavaOne conference slated to kick off next week.

The new 2.0 version of Berkeley DB Java Edition boasts support for a number of J2EE standards, including J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA), Java Transaction API (JTA) and Java Management Extensions (JMX).

According to the Berkeley DB 2.0 Java Edition release notes, the new version includes "a ready to install JMX (Java Management Extensions) MBean as well as support for adding JE monitoring to an application's custom MBean."

As well, "Sequences" are now supported in the Java Edition in an identical manner as they are in the Berkeley DB C Edition. Sleepycat also claims that its new version has improved memory management as well as overall improved scalability and performance.

"For out-of-cache applications, storage efficiency has been greatly improved, minimizing the amount of redundant data in the log," Sleepycat said. "As a result, applications running out of cache will see a 30-70 percent improvement in data throughput."

Berkeley DB Java Edition is now also officially certified on Solaris 10 for x64. As is the case with all Berkeley DB versions, 2.0 is dual licensed under both open source and commercial license use. Sleepycat released its first pure Java version of its open source Berkeley DB last year.

A study from Evans Data put Berkeley DB in a distant fourth place among open source databases at only 4.1 percent of developers. MySQL(52.9 percent), Firebird (51.6 percent) and PostgreSQL(14.8 percent) held the top three spots.