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'Roll Your Own' Linux

TimeSys this week launched a new subscription-based service allowing embedded developers to "roll their own Linux."

The LinuxLink subscription service targets processor architectures from Intel, Freescale, ARM and MIPS. TimeSys said it offers on-demand access to components relevant to embedded developers' design requirements and target processor. This is different, the company said, from traditional Linux distros that determine feature sets of applications and components.

LinuxLink lets developers choose applications and components from a variety of sources that have been aggregated by TimeSys, including the open source community and semiconductor manufacturers.

Pittsburgh-based TimeSyS is offering two flavors of LinuxLink subscriptions, the Access Plan and the Development Plan.

The Access Plan provides subscribers with continuously updated feeds on technologies and content relevant to a developer's embedded design. The plan also includes cross development toolchains for Linux and Windows, as well as bootable kernel images for the specific board/processor.

The Development Plan adds access to a secure private repository of packages, as well as a platform builder, which is intended to simplify the development of a customized commercial-grade Linux platform. The Development Plan also includes Eclipse 3.0-based testing and development tools to aid in kernel application development, configuration and debugging.

The battle for the embedded Linux space has heated up in recent months, with MontaVista Linux announcing that it had made a real-time breakthrough paving the way for native, hard, real-time developments for the Linux kernel.

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