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Sun Portal Server Hits With SOA Touch

Sun is enhancing its Java System Portal Server with a new release to make it easier to build collaborative content and communities.

Wikis, blogs and RSS feeds are all supported by the new Java System Portal Server 7, which is part of Sun's freely available Java Enterprise System.

The Java Enterprise system became "free" at the end of November as part of Sun's push to open up its software.

The new portal server utilizes AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript) portal containers in order to enable the new collaborative features. An open interface is also part of the portal server, which is intended to allow developers to easily expand the build in portal services.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is also a key part of the new release by way of a feature Sun calls, "Federated Composite Views."

In conjunction with the Sun Java Studio Creator, users can now create drag-and-drop portlets for the portal server.

Portal management has also been simplified by way of delegated administration features that allow users with the appropriate credentials to handle basic tasks, such as password resets and page-layout management.

"The latest version of the Portal Server offers new self-service enhancements that provide more control to the end user and free up valuable IT resources, making for a more compelling experience all around,"Tom Goguen, VP of Marketing, Software at Sun said in a statement.

Java System Portal Server 7 also benefits from Java DB, which is based on the Apache Derby project.

Thanks to SOA, the portal business will continue to thrive in 2006. BEA Systems recently announced that it would be integrating its AquaLogic and WebLogic Portal applications next year and add new SOA products to the mix.