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RTI Ships NetAcquire Java Toolkit

Real Time Integration this week released the latest version of its NetAcquire Java Toolkit with integrated JavaBeans suppport.

The NetAcquire Java Toolkit was designed for creating Java testing and measurement applications and Java virtual instrumentation front-panels. The NetAcquire Java Toolkit includes JavaBeans components which are used for graphing, text and lamp displays, disk logging, scaling, real-time network communication, and data distribution.

NetAcquire Java Toolkit applications aquire data by communicating with members of the NetAcquire family of network data acquisition and control servers. Through the use of NetAcquire hardware, analog, digital and serial data becomes available over any Ethernet network. This enables Java's "write-once, run everywhere" cross-platform architecture by adding hardware input/output capabilities. NetAcquire's client/server network model enables time-critical buffering and control code to run on the NetAcquire server hardware.

The NetAcquire Java Toolkit application will work on any Java-enabled computer or operating system. The NetAcquire Java Toolkit applet is supported by Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers for instant real-time displays. The applet can be uploaded to an integrated Web server inside a NetAcquire server, making the Java applet immediately available.

The NetAcquire Java Toolkit provides an open architecture environment, which enables Java programmers to develop custom Java code to extend their application's capabilities. Additionally, it interfaces to third-party JavaBeans class libraries, and is compatible with a variety of JavaBeans development environments, such as Symantec's VisualCAFE.

The NetAcquire Java Toolkit sells for a retail price of $495.