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XMLSolutions Debuts E-Commerce Tool

XMLSolutions Corp. this week released Vocabulary Builder for E-Business.

Vocabulary Builder is designed to bridge a company's existing business vocabulary with today's e-commerce language, all the while maintaining the contextual definitions on both ends.

Vocabulary Builder enables companies to conduct business using the same syntax they are used to working with by XML-izing the company's existing business vocabulary so the company can communicate electronically. XMLSolutions uses Schema Central and META-X Methodology to identify the metadata that is necessary for the successful implementation of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and e-business initiatives.

The Vocabulary Builder software locates strategic business information and creates Document Type Definitions (DTDs) that represent key business information. The process is similar to XMLSolutions' META-X Methodology, and is completed in five phases: Metadata, Exchange, Transformation, Administration and eXecution:

  • Metadata - XMLSolutions is experienced in uncovering and leveraging a company's metadata and semantics from its legacy systems
  • Exchange - focuses on mining the key metadata from existing legacy systems, using queries that are run against database tables to extract naming standards, corporate entities, attributes, elements and semantics
  • Transformation - key metadata is converted into XML DTDs and presented via Schema Central, which can then be used as a foundation of metadata starter sets for critical business projects
  • Administration - XMLSolutions provides the necessary policies and procedures to support ongoing project planning and management
  • eXecution - XMLSolutions creates a comprehensive marketing presentation that shows the metadata and corporate DTD findings, and additionally, XMLSolutions consultants will prepare an XML strategy document that focuses on ongoing and future implementation plans