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A Forum for Delivering Web Services

Forum Systems this week plans to unveil a new machine that lets enterprise customers speed up, manage and secure Web services across various computer networks.

While Forum has previously offered separate devices that secure, accelerates and guides Web services   messaging, the DynamiX Service Enablement Platform (SEP) melds those three functions in one box.

Speed, security and management are important traits in an evolving age of distributed computing: Customers are relying on hardware and software that ensure reliable message delivery to complete sales, information exchanges or other transactions.

Forum created DynamiX because traditional application servers and enterprise service buses (ESB) have not been able catch up with the evolving requirements for running fast, safe, and manageable Web services, said Walid Negm, vice president at Forum.

Negm said app servers and ESBs   were built for controlling internal applications and processes, but fail to address the requirements of XML-based Web services that get ferried from one machine to another in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).  

The executive said SOA computing requires new functions, including policy enforcement, service virtualization, protocol translation, and XML acceleration. DynamiX fits the bill, he said.

"Companies are looking to provide a layer for Web services to interact and to track the details of those interactions and find patterns that are synchronous and asynchronous," said Negm.

"This product provides an enabling layer for the deployment of service-oriented architectures and Web services."

DynamiX' value lies in the software, which includes an XML service bus to provide asynchronous communication, callbacks and publish/subscribe utilities.

The software also includes a service registry to aggregate, virtualize and publish Web Services Description Language   documents on the fly.

WSDL policy management, load balancing across multiple endpoints and failover procedures also abound in DynamiX

ZapThink analyst Jason Bloomberg said that Forum has previously offered security and management capabilities.

"By adding reliable messaging, profile management, distributed transactions, and complex event processing, they are now able to offer a much more complete SOA intermediary offering, most similar to what, say, SOA Software is offering," Bloomberg said.

Negm said DynamiX will cost around $90,000 depending on what customers get on the box.

The company will continue selling its Vantage acceleration appliance and XWall firewall and Sentry management software tools as standalone products.

Jim Ricotta, vice president and general manager of IBM SOA appliances, recently said at an IBM SOA appliance launch that he expects the market for products that boost Web services and SOA delivery to top $1 billion in the near future.

More broadly, the SOA market nearly doubled in 2005 to over $4 billion and could top $14 billion by 2009.