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iSyndicate Expands XML Library

iSyndicate Thursday announced its library of Web-based XML content had grown to more than 10,000 headlines a day from a variety of news and information sources, making it one of the largest sources of syndicated XML content on the Web.

The site currently offers content from Rolling Stone, CNET and others.

Through the use of XML, iSyndicate Express users have the ability to index and reformat headline feeds. This allows them to integrate the headlines with their own sites' look and feel, and enables them to merge into contextual commerce, personalization and search engines. iSyndicate customers are able to serve content based on the specific users or commerce offerings that are available on their specific sites.

iSyndicate Express features thousands of content products, and provides them in the form of photos, graphics or headline links to any site looking to offer timely, syndicated content. This content can be updated as often as every 15 minutes. The full-text articles reside one click away on the original content provider's site. iSyndicate monitors the traffic generated, and charges the content provider through a fee-per-click-through arangement.

iSyndicate Express combines content from more than 150 sources, and distributes this content for free to a network of over 200,000 Web sites. This free content drives the site's traffic while establishing a community and providing the context for e-commerce applications.