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E-Commerce Sites Embrace Hitbox Enterprise

WebSideStory Inc. this week announced that several e-commerce sites have recently joined the ever-expanding list of HitBox Enterprise clients.

HitBox Enterprise is WebSideStory's real-time Web analysis service which enables businesses to track and analyze their site's visitor and customer activity in great detail. The statistics that HitBox Enterprise provides allows business executives to make intelligent, time-critical decisions that will affect their Web sites.

Among the new e-commerce clients that are using HitBox Enterprise:

  • Skechers
  • NetFlix
  • iBaby.com
  • MXG Online.com
  • ABC Distributing Inc.
  • eHobbies
  • Bid4Vacations.com
Tom Stigler, senior vice president, sales and business development for WebSideStory Inc., stated, "For e-businesses, the Web site is the storefront. They need to monitor the overall health of their business." Stigler believes that his company's service is chosen because of the ability to track visitors in 'real time.' "Our new customers chose HitBox Enterprise because it allows them to track visitor activity as it happens. By outsourcing their real-time Web measurement needs to us, they can concentrate on other aspects of their business."

The HitBox Enterprise service provides detailed, real-time visitor statistics such as total page views, unique visitors, top paths, referring URLs, referring search engines, time spent on site, and returning visitors. This data enables businesses to enhance their visitor's experience, monitor the performance of marketing campaigns, verify their customer's interest in their products and services--all while improving the quality of customer service and technical support. The service doesn't require the typical up-front investment in software, hardware and IT resources.

For additional information about the HitBox Enterprise solution, visit WebSideStory's HitBox Enterprise Web site.