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Google Android, Meet Ubuntu

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From the "robotic koala" files:

Ubuntu developers are in Spain this week for the Ubuntu Developer Summit ahead of the Karmic Koala release later this year. One of the big new developments discussed is a new capability to run Google Android apps natively on an Ubuntu desktop.

Ubuntu developer Michael Frey blogged about his own effort to get Android running on Ubuntu this week.

"I know that others have built Android for x86," Frey wrote. "After digging deeper, I realized that this is not enough to make it 'run' under Ubuntu. It turns out that Android uses it own version of libc and all binaries get linked against that. This causes a problem when a libc already exists on your system."

Yes, Android has a Linux base, so it's not a crazy stretch (though it is some work) to get it to run on Linux. But does it really matter?

Remember that Android is a mobile operating system and it is geared for low-power, low-screen-size handheld devices.

Sure, you can run little Android widgets on a Linux desktop and that might be kinda interesting -- though if you've got full desktop power, or even full netbook power and screen size (8 inches plus), an Android app isn't necessarily as interesting as it is on a handheld device.

But, hey, don't get me wrong -- widgets are cool, but they have their place...

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