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Ubuntu Backer Canonical Offers Bazaar Support

With CVS, Subversion and a slew of other rival open source version control systems out there, the Canonical-backed Bazaar has its work cut out for it. In a move to make the adoption process simpler, Canonical is now offering paid support services. Linux Planet covers the news.

At the heart of every serious software development project is the use of some kind of version control code repository. For Ubuntu Linux, that version control system is its own Bazaar (bzr) system, which make it easier for the project to encourage and manage developer participation.

Now thanks to a new effort from Ubuntu's commercial sponsor, Canonical, Bazaar is now set to receive commercial support.

Ubuntu itself began using bzr as the system by which it builds its Linux distribution beginning with the Jaunty Jackalope release earlier this year.

The new Canonical Bazaar commercial support offering will include services to enable developers to both manage and deploy the tool. Additionally, Canonical will be offering conversion and consultation services in an effort to help users of other version control systems move to the bzr solution.

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