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Java SE Fixes Bugs and Updates Performance

For all of its travails, Sun Microsystems is not letting Java suffer or stagnate. It just issued another update, the 18th for Standard Edition 6, to fixes a number of bugs and optimize performance. Gamelan has all the details.

Sun is updating Java for the first time this year providing fixes for over 300 bugs. While the total bug tally may seem high, the latest Java update more about enhancing features and performance than it is about security fixes.

That's because Java SE 6 Update 18 (also known as 6u18) does not include any security updates at all—unlike its predecessor, Java SE 6 Update 17, which was released in November 2009 and included fixes for multiple vulnerabilities.

Still, that doesn't make the new update—which may turn out to be the last from Sun (NASDAQ: JAVA) before it is acquired by Oracle—any less significant.

To Dave Hofert, senior group marketing manager for the Java Platform Group at Sun, the release marks a high-water mark for Java.

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