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Selenium Web App Testing Goes Commercial

With Sauce Labs as its commercial sponsor, the popular open source Web app testing software Selenium is poised for a boost thanks to its connection with Sauce Labs' IDE and On Demand offerings, which aim to make the technology more useful to a broader audience. Developer.com takes a look.

As increasing numbers of applications move online, the need for functional cross-browser testing continues to grow, which is good news for the open source Selenium project -- a popular automated application testing tool with nearly 3 million downloads to date.

The project now has a commercial backer courtesy of Sauce Labs, which is fresh off a $3.1 million Series A financing round, and which is led by Selenium creator Jason Huggins, who serves as the company's Executive Software Chef (essentially the CTO).

And having the backer had led to some big changes: Sauce Labs today unveiled the Sauce IDE, a commercial version of the Selenium IDE with expanded testing capabilities.

Now, Selenium's backers see the software -- coupled with the Sauce Labs IDE and On Demand services -- positioned to capitalize even more effectively on its core offering.

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