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Software As We Think Ships Java Layout Manager

Software As We Think this week announced the release of SmartLayout 1.1, its latest productivity tool for Java developers.

SmartLayout 1.1 is a Java Layout Manager which enables developers to create a GUI that is "easy to use, powerful, flexible and professional."

The tool allows developers to add components to their user interface and bind them by the containers' dimensions, location, proportions--along with those of other components in the same user interface. SmartLayout 1.1 boasts seamless integration with JBuilder 3's GUI Designer.

SmartLayout 1.1 provides developers with flexibility and control when they are creating applications of specific design and layout. The company believes that the tool will increase the production and efficiency of Java applications and will provide ease-of-use applications for both developers and end-users. Functionality includes the ability to anchor a component based on another component's vertical and horizontal center, and extremes, proportional to the height and/or width and any percentage of the component's extents.

SmartLayout provides the developer with access to fundamental methods which enable them to bind their components in an unlimited number of combinations. The tool provides developers with the convenience of GridBagLayout while providing a powerful and flexible way of designing more complex, dynamic user interfaces.

The first edition of SmartLayout was introduced at the 1999 SIGS Conference for Java Development., while the layout manager application was created after Software As We Think faced its own internal challenges while developing applications.