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Oracle Looks Ahead to Future of Java

So just what does Oracle have in store for Java now that it has digested Sun Microsystems? Speaking at the company's JavaOne event, Oracle's executive vice president of product development discussed the roadmap, outlining new efforts to enhance Java's graphics, performance and programming capabilities.

Oracle also outlined new tools that developers will have at their disposal as Java evolves, including expanded capabilities that will be provided under Project Coin. Developer.com takes a look.

The future of Java under Oracle's leadership is one that includes continued innovation across multiple deployment areas including servers, desktops and mobile devices. That's the message delivered by Thomas Kurian, executive vice president, Oracle Product Development during a JavaOne keynote address detailing the road ahead for Java.

New graphics, performance and enhanced programming capabilities are all on Oracle's roadmap for Java development. Oracle took over the stewardship of Java as part of its acquisition of Sun, which closed earlier this year.

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