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Apache Shindig 2.0 Looks to Boost OpenSocial

For developers looking to create social-networking applications, the OpenSocial standard offers a widely accepted framework for ensuring their work is compatible with a wide array of social sites and services. But the standard is only one ingredient of an application's actual implementation.

With Apache Shindig, an OpenSocial implementation that serves as a testbed for new ideas, developers can put an experiment through its paces before it reaches standardization. Already in use across many social networks (with the notable exception of Facebook) and enterprises, Apache Shindig is now out with version 2.0 of the implementation. Developer.com takes a look.

For developers, including social networking technologies into modern Web applications is often a key priority. The OpenSocial standard, originally developed by Google, is one mechanism that developers can leverage for social networking applications.

But standards are one thing, and implementation is another. That's where the Apache Shindig project comes into play. Apache Shindig is an OpenSocial container that enables developers to handle OpenSocial application content and gadgets. The project recently hit its 2.0 milestone as it continues to track the latest OpenSocial standardization efforts.

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