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TargetLink Software/Data Distribution Now In Beta

Internet Image announced the beta version of TargetLink, an advanced software and data distribution package that manages the guaranteed delivery of vital information over the Internet.

Dr. Andrew Lee, president, founder and CTO of Internet Image, said: "TargetLink is a robust distribution system for corporate and enterprise use. Conventional software distribution and management systems tend to be complex and require sophisticated network infrastructures, whereas TargetLink operates over TCP/IP, with a guaranteed delivery model."

The vendor says that the beta version is being evaluated for final adjustments to its GUI. In Japan, much of the core functionality of TargetLink has already been introduced successfully in cooperation with OEMs and systems integrators. TargetLink uses agent technology to create two-way links between sender and recipents. It is Java-based, being an adaptation of Sun MicroSystems' pure Java implementation of the TCP/IP network transport layer.

The vendor introduced its BeyondPush technology to the press last month. BeyondPush differs from traditional push technology by keeping client profile records in the server and by tracking the outcome of client requests.