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Spyglass Ships Prism 2.1

Spyglass Inc. Tuesday started shipping a new product designed to prepare Web content for delivery across a variety of devices.

Spyglass Prism 2.1 is a server-based content delivery application platform designed to visit Web sites and selectively extract and package content into formats that match the specific requirements of any access device. It will work with laptop computers, handheld PCs, television systems and mobile phones.

Spyglass said Version 2.1 offers speedier performance thanks to improvements in cache access speed and memory management.

"Spyglass Prism has been a very successful product, because we have recognized our customers' need for a product that is customizable and flexible," said Jack Armstrong, Spyglass director of Internet solutions.

"These enhancements to Spyglass Prism are in response to our customers wanting the total solution to meet their needs in delivering high quality data services regardless of the access device. We have also recognized the explosive market potential for non-PC devices and someone will need to deliver Internet content to them. Spyglass offers a solution designed to exclusively solve this challenge."

Versions of Prism 2.1 are available for Windows NT 4.0 or Solaris 2.5.1 servers.