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New Tool Optimizes HTML For Quicker Loading

German company Voget Selbach Entertainment (VSE) released HTML Turbo 1.0 for Macintosh, Power Macintosh and iMac.

The new tool is designed to optimize HTML documents so that they become smaller and load more quickly into Web browsers.

"VSE HTML Turbo does more than just cutting off some bytes of HTML documents," the vendor said. "Because page retrievals take less time to complete, the average number of simultaneous connections is reduced. That means that more connection bandwidth is available to satisfy each individual page request.

Among the features of VSE HTML Turbo are its drag-and-drop interface, its ability to optimize JavaScript, Tcl and VBScript, its multithreading capabilities; and its ability to create a log file that tracks all the operations.

VSE HTML Turbo costs $79.95 via the Internet. A CD-ROM version with printed manual is also available for $99.95.