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New E-Business Communications Technology Debuts

If two e-business service companies have their way, email may become a thing of the past.

According to Allaire Corp., a provider of B2B software and services, ServiceEngine.com has leveraged its ColdFusion application server to create a communications vehicle that lets businesses manage and track online inquiries.

The communications system, which is 100 percent browser-based and has no software to download, blends inquiry management, messaging, data reporting and personalized customer interfaces and distributes it on a subscription basis.

The system is already in use at the Empire State Building in New York City, where ServiceEngine manages, tracks and intelligently routes every online customer service, or "contact us," inquiry, according to said Lydia Ruth, director of public relations and Web customer service, Empire State Building.

"Using ServiceEngine is much more efficient and personal than email, but not more difficult," she said. "It helps manage the entire process, so our time is spent more productively. I can even measure our performance and satisfaction ratings in real-time, and make the necessary adjustments, immediately.

"With the system, our visitors automatically get their own personal mailbox, which manages and organizes all their questions to us," she added. "They can return to read our response right on our site and pick up where they left off."

Additionally, all data points, including customer satisfaction ratings, inquiry volume and company user performance, are time-stamped and formatted into management reports.

"The ServiceEngine system is one of the largest ColdFusion applications currently deployed, and is capable of handling millions of transactions per minute," noted Jared D. Schulman, president and CEO for ServiceEngine.