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GFI to Release E-mail Processing Robot

GFI this week released Emailrobot LITE, an e-mail processing application that facilitates the management of e-mail.

Emailrobot for Exchange and SMTP is designed to help companies handle the overload of e-mails that large Web sites tend to receive. It automates standard e-mail tasks and provides companies with a tool to manage and monitor their e-mail.

After identifying the problem of exponentially growing amounts of e-mail, GFI designed Emailrobot to help companies answer and manage their e-mail efficiently by automating parts of the process.

Emailrobot features six functions, including routing, replying, archiving, mailing, tracking, and reporting of e-mail. Additionally, Emailrobot gives administrators the ability to automate their own customized e-mail functions using the included e-mail Wizards or VBscript.

The product is able to automatically archive the results of Web forms into a database and send a personalized auto reply. Scheduled e-mailings may then be done based on the information in the Web form database.

Emailrobot keeps track of each individual e-mail centrally, and stores details such as how long it took to respond, who answered it, and what the answer was. In this way, administrators can retrieve complete customer communications histories. Emailrobot's reporting function enables companies to assess the amount of e-mail received, correctness of replies, response time per user or department, etc.

The LITE version of Emailrobot may be downloaded from the Emailrobot Web site. The full release is expected to be released later this month, and will retail for $495 for the Small Business edition. A Corporate and an Enterprise edition will also be released at that time, with pricing details to follow.