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O'Reilly to Offer Integrated Chat Solution for Enterprises

O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. announced it will bundle WebMaster, Inc.'s ConferenceRoom Professional 1.5 with its own WebBoard 3.0, scheduled to be released early this spring.

O'Reilly's new enterprise/professional version of its popular chat/threaded discussion group software will enable up to 1,000 simultaneous users to join in an online chat using Webmaster's ConferenceRoom Pro, IRC-compliant chat software for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

WebBoard 2.0 already features a live conferencing capability, but only supports much smaller chat sessions. By adding ConferenceRoom Pro to the WebBoard 3.0 release, O'Reilly is looking to attract the attention of larger companies and organizations.

Many corporations are already using live chat software for remote meetings, product support, long distance learning, training seminars, and general Web site enhancements. WebBoard 3.0 will support Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, as well as the Microsoft Access database format.

The Java client, which is used in the ConferenceRoom software, allows the chat to be accessed by users on any Java-capable platform as well as any of the popular IRC clients including MIRC and PIRCH. WebBoard 3.0 will also provide users with the ability to generate detailed reports of WebBoard activity using log files.

Retail prices are yet to be announced, but should be available prior to the release of WebBoard 3.0.

For additional information about WebBoard, visit the O'Reilly Web site.