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Macromedia Announces Design in Motion Suite

Macromedia this week announced its Design in Motion Suite, which Macromedia is billing as a complete vector graphics and animation application for Web designers.

The suite includes FreeHand 8 and the latest release of the its design software, Macromedia Flash, along with Insta.HTML 2, which is used to export HTML files directly from FreeHand.

FreeHand 8, announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has a number of enhancements, including integration between FreeHand and Flash, and the ability to export morphing animations directly from FreeHand and edit vector transparency fills.

According to Macromedia, FreeHand 8 features a new, configurable user interface and fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, making FreeHand the best choice for creating vector graphics for the Web.

Macromedia believes that Flash is becoming the de facto standard for vector graphics and animation on the Web. The company stated that the Flash player is shipping with every Windows 95, Mac OS, and WebTV system that is sold, and is being included with the CD versions of Netscape's Communicator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Insta.HTML 2 is a utility used for rapidly converting FreeHand layouts into WYSIWYG HTML pages that can be read by standard Web browsers. The new version has the ability to export FreeHand graphics as either Flash elements or GIF or PNG images. Insta.HTML 2 utilizes absolute positioning and cascading style sheet specs to create compact Web pages from the FreeHand documents.

The Design in Motion Suite for Windows 95/NT or Macintosh Power PC is expected to be released in March of this year with a retail price of $499.

For additional information, visit the Macromedia Web site.