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Ad Manager Software Targeted Towards Sales, Profits

Solbright Inc. today launched AdSuite, the first product suite designed to automate advertising sales, trafficking, and billing for Internet media companies.

Solbright's AdSuite provides Web-based management of processes including the electronic exchange of proposals and contracts through ad submissions, trafficking, and invoicing.

The first available component of AdSuite, AdTraffic Manager 1.0, automates the ad submission process: matching insertion orders, error checking and approval, customer notification, and adserver data entry. This significantly reduces the repetitive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive tasks associated with manual processing.

Forthcoming are two additional components: AdSales Manager, which automates ad sales and contract management, and AdBilling Manager, which addresses billing and invoicing for online media companies.

Integral to Solbright's development has been close integration with leading players in the online advertising community, specifically adserver and auditing companies. AdTraffic Manager 1.0 seamlessly integrates with leading adserver software, including NetGravity's AdServer and Accipiter's AdManager, and has open APIs that support custom adserver configurations.

In addition to its adserver partners, Solbright has also developed and continues to develop nonexclusive partnership agreements with leading ad measurement, audit, and media planning services.

Solbright's AdTraffic Manager is built to work on Windows NT and UNIX platforms, and accepts creative assets of all types and sizes, including HTML banners, JavaScript, and others.

Creative files can be received by the AdTraffic Manager via e-mail, FTP, URL Page Pick-up, or through an HTML browser interface with direct upload capabilities.