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Jetsoft's Art-Copy Enables Scanner to FTP Site Graphics

Jetsoft Development Company this week announced an updated version of its Art-Copy scanning program which will enable one-button scans-to- Email, FTP, applications or hard drives.

Art-Copy 4.0 enables developers to use their scanner or digital camera to send pictures via email or scan pictures directly to their FTP site. The product turns a flatbed scanner/digital camera into a color copying machine, fax, and photographic enlarger, and enables users to scan directly to their hard disk or to applications that don't directly support scanning.

Web developers can scan multiple images that are instantly uploaded to their FTP site. The developer scans or captures the image, specifies their FTP site, and loads the image directly to the site. Jetsoft expects Art-Copy to be utilized for catalogs, real estate pictures, stock photography and for displaying scans or pictures on the Web.

Art-Copy 4.0 has a retail price of $44.95, and may be purchased directly from the Jetsoft company, as well as Microwarehouse (800-367-7080).

Jetsoft Development is offering developers a demo copy of Art-Copy 4.0, which may be downloaded for free from the Jetsoft Web site.