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Internet Image Goes "BeyondPush"

Internet Image Inc. today released information about the development of its BeyondPush technology.

BeyondPush, an advanced software distribution model, invests advanced management features into the standard Push model for the delivery of mission-critical information over intranets and the Internet.

The BeyondPush technology was developed on the foundation of the Push model which is used for moving content over the Internet. By adapting Sun Microsystem's RMI, which is a pure Java implementation of the TCP/IP network transport layer, BeyondPush is able to control and manage client/server communications. This type of agent technology creates 2-way links between the sender and the recipients of the content.

Up until now, traditional Push technology hasn't maintained or tracked the client's profile record in the server. According to Internet Image, this is the reason that traditional Push technology hasn't provided a solution that is acceptable in enterprise applications in which the control and management of such profiles is essential.

For additional information about BeyondPush, visit the Internet Image Web site.