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Empress Releases Internet Toolkit With Perl and Tcl/Tk

Empress this week released Empress Hypermedia V3, an Internet application development toolkit to be used by users of the Empress Remote Database Management System (RDBMS).

The new version of the toolkit uses the latest Internet technologies, and includes enhanced Perl and Tcl/Tk interfaces that enable the developer to connect these scripting languages to the Empress RDBMS.

New features of Empress Hypermedia include embedded SQL statements within other SQL statements in an HTML template, a quick method that can be used to check the input strings of data, and the ability to connect to the database by specifying connection information in the HTML tag.

Additionally, error log files that are generated by the toolkit may now be kept on a system which is separate from the HTTP system, enabling the easy, scalable management of these files. New installation scripts help to configure copies of Empress Hypermedia in Web documents, making security a key issue. Developers now have more control over who can access, view, or modify the data.

The new version of Hypermedia features enhanced scripting language interfaces (APIs) for Perl and Tcl/Tk. This enables developers to embed Perl scripts directly into HTML files, and provides a full client/server network architecture using the Empress ODBC Interface. Each of the enhanced APIs allow for the connection to multiple databases at one time.

For additional information about Empress, the Empress RDBMS, or the new Internet Toolkit, visit the Empress Web site or send e-mail to sales@empress.com.