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BulletProof's JDesignerPro 2.32 is RAD

BulletProof Corporation this week released a major upgrade to its JDesignerPro 2.32 Rapid Application Development (RAD) Java software.

With this release JDesignerPro's design features have become highly integrated with the tool's Deployment Manager, which has itself been greatly enhanced.

JDesignerPro 2.32 enables corporate users to deploy rich Java applications without requiring an advanced knowledge of Java. According to BulletProof, developers who are using JDesignerPro are able to develop advanced business systems in less time for less money.

The RAD tool is designed to be an end-to-end system that enables users to quickly develop and deploy Java pplications. JDesignerPro is an object-oriented visual tool that facilitates screen design using a visual point-and-click coding system, which BulletProof calls the Interaction Manager.

Once designed, the application interface may be deployed to intranet users using a standard Web browser. The built-in distribution features of JDesignerPro include user authorization, HTML creation, and the initial setup and maintenance of an application's structure.

JDesignerPro is built on industry standards, and is compatible with Netscape products including FastTrack, SuiteSpot, Netscape One, Navigator and Communicator, as well as Microsoft products such as Windows 95, NT, Internet Explorer, BackOffice, Visual J++, as well as Symantec's Café.

JDesignerPro also supports Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Sun Microsystems Solaris, and Netra servers.

For more information, or to download a free trial of JDesignerPro 2.32, visit the Bulletproof Web site.