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NetObjects Opens Up for Version 3.0

NetObjects Inc. today unveiled NetObjects Fusion 3.0 for Windows 95/NT, the latest version of its award-winning Web site building software, which includes more than 150 new features and enhancements.

Using NetObjects Fusion 3.0, site builders can create pages in any combination of graphical, textual, or HTML modes, while taking advantage of the product's robust management capabilities.

For pages that are graphically intensive or require pixel-accurate layout, site builders can use the product's graphical editor, and for pages that are highly textual or for which leanness of generated HTML code is a top priority, NetObjects Fusion 3.0 includes new text editing capabilities.

In addition, site builders who want to enjoy the productivity benefits of NetObjects Fusion's site and content management capabilities, as well as want to continue to hand-code HTML pages, can now do so very easily by launching external HTML tools such as Allaire Homesite, FrontPage 98, Adobe Pagemill, and Macromedia Dreamweaver from within the product.

NetObjects Fusion manages the assets and publishes the pages created in external editors without modifying the original code.

The product's Dynamic Actions provide authors with the first visual message-based environment to create DHTML-based interactivity and animation. Using Dynamic Actions, authors can bring to Web users the rich world of CD-ROM interactivity, including pop-up menus that open windows or forms, user-draggable objects for product configurations and games, animated navigation controls, etc.

NetObjects Fusion 3.0 generates the appropriate JavaScript code based on simple point-and-click selections, eliminating the need for manual coding. The flexibility to add or customize scripts using script editors like Acadia Infuse is provided for advanced site developers.

NetObjects also claims that Fusion 3.0 is the first product to provide Everywhere HTML--HTML generation capabilities that enable site builders to "build once and publish anywhere."

Fusion 3.0 is an open environment that works with external databases and application via NetObjects Fusion Components (NFX), which are Java-encapsulated mini-applications that appear as page elements that can be placed on any page.

NetObjects Fusion 3.0 will be bundled with a full version of the leading HTML editor, Allaire Homesite 3.0 for Windows. Code written in Homesite will be hosted by NetObjects Fusion to create a complementary working environment between the two best-of-breed products.

A prerelease trial version will be available from NetObjects' Web site, and the final product is expected to ship in March 1998 for a street price of $295. A Macintosh version is expected to be available 90 days after the Windows version ships.

Registered users of NetObjects Fusion may upgrade to Version 3.0 for $99. Customers who purchase NetObjects Fusion 2.0 between January 1, 1998 and March 31, 1998 will receive a free upgrade to Fusion 3.0.