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VRML Consortium Okays VRML 2.0 Spec

The VRML Consortium announced this week that they have given their approval to the VRML97 specification, also known as ISO/IEC 14772.

The VRML97 specification was first published in December 1997 by ISO/IEC, which was working at the time with the VRML Consortium.

VRML attained a state of international endorsement as an ISO/IEC standard. It is now able to provide a guarantee of specification stability, which will continue to promote compatibility of content, and which will help to drive the growth of 3D/VRML on the Web.

By adopting VRML97 as an ISO/IEC standard, VRML may be referenced as the 3D component in other ISO/IEC standards, further strengthening the validity of VRML.

Many groups participated in the making of the VRML97 standard. It was developed by the Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1) of ISO and IEC, along with the VRML Consortium. The formal processing (to make VRML97 an International Standard) started in June 1996 with the VRML 2.0 draft specification.

VRML was standardized within 18 months, setting an ISO/IEC record. It was also the first International Standard to be published in HTML.

The VRML Consortium is a not-for-profit organization with a goal of establishing and promoting VRML as an open, ubiquitous standard for Internet 3D graphics.

For information on joining the VRML Consortium, the VRML97 specification, or more information on VRML, visit the VRML Consortium's Web site.