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Microsoft Announces Next-Generation Visual InterDev

Microsoft Corp. introduced the newest version of the Microsoft Visual InterDev Web development system, the leading team-based development tool for rapidly building data-driven Web applications.

A prerelease version--scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 1998--will give developers the opportunity to explore key new features and begin building applications for the latest Microsoft Web software, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and Internet Information Server 4.0.

New features in Visual InterDev enable developers to build data-driven Web applications faster than ever through end-to-end rapid Web application development. In addition, developers can create broad-reach applications that can talk to any browser and any database. New and enhanced features include:

  • Full-featured debugging. A complete set of debugging tools makes it easier to test and debug complex client- and server-side script. Among other things, the debugger enables remote server-side Active Server Pages debugging and allows developers to preview Web pages simultaneously in multiple browsers to ensure consistency.
  • WYSIWYG HTML page editor. This cutting-edge visual page editor includes support for the latest advances in browser technology, including advanced support for Dynamic HTML.
  • Enhanced Visual Database Tools. Support for database reporting and Internet Explorer 4.0 remote data access enables developers to create enterprise-class, data-driven Web applications and simplify programming tasks when targeting existing databases.
  • Enhanced standards-based team development. In addition to new support for individual programmers, Visual InterDev provides improved source code control and improved interoperability with the other tools to meet the challenges of team-based Web development.
  • New Deployment features for middle-tier COM server components. New features make it easier to build and deploy component-based Web applications, including integration with the Microsoft Transaction Server for building scalable and robust enterprise Web applications.

Microsoft Visual InterDev will include Microsoft FrontPage 98, the world's best-selling Web site creation and management tool. Microsoft FrontPage 98 is a quick, effective way to create and manage professional-quality Internet or intranet sites without programming. Used together, FrontPage 98 and Visual InterDev enable nonprogrammers and programmers to work in a team-based development environment.

The Microsoft Visual Studio 97 development system is a complete development tools suite for enterprise development. Visual Studio 97 provides corporations with easy-to-use tools for building business applications for the Windows NT Server operating system, including client/server, multitier and Web-based solutions.

Visual Studio 97 Professional Edition features the Visual Basic development system 5.0, the Visual C++ development system, the Visual J++ development system for Java 1.1, Visual InterDev 1.0, and the Visual FoxPro database 5.0.

Visual Studio 97 Enterprise Edition aslo includes enterprise and team development features such as the Microsoft Repository, the Visual SourceSafe version control system, Visual Modeler, Visual Database Tools, Visual Component Manager, and a development version of Microsoft SQL Server 6.5.

A beta version of Microsoft Visual InterDev is scheduled to be available on the Web in the second quarter of 1998, and a CD version can be ordered online at that time. A nominal fee that includes shipping and handling charges will apply.