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Microsoft Previews Server Scriptlet Technology

Microsoft this week previewed and released the beta of its new technology for server-side scripting.

The technology enables developers to create server-side scripting components known as server scriptlets. The preview was presented to developers in order to receive feedback that they can incorporate into future versions.

Server scriptlets are defined as reusable COM components that are used on the server, which are written in script and XML. The scriptlets will enable Active Server Page (ASP) authors to create "components" out of common script, so that they may be reused. Common uses for these scripts could be for accessing data, performing business logic, or particpating in transactions.

The scriptlets may be created in either JScript or VBScript, and developers are able to use straightforward conventions in defining their component's interface. Additionally, any third-party scripting engine that supports ActiveX Scripting may be used to develop server scriptlets with no changes to the engine.

This technology is another show of support by Microsoft for scripting components. Microsoft previously introduced Dynamic HTML scriptlets with Internet Explorer 4.0. The DHTML scriptlets enable developers to utilize the Document Object Model by using scripting components.

For additional information on Microsoft's new scripting technology, visit the Microsoft Scripting Web site.