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Sequel Releases Network Management Solution

Sequel Technology this week released an enterprise version of its Sequel Net Access Manager, the Internet asset management solution that enables customers to identify, report, and control Net usage throughout the enterprise.

This latest version stored user profiles and IP traffic data on existing enterprise database systems such as Oracle or MS SQL Server.

The Sequel Net Access Manager 3.0 is capable of interacting with a variety of heterogeneous Internet entry points including Proxies, Firewalls, and Routers.

This additional value satisfies the need for a unified monitoring, reporting, and controlling solution for high-volume IP traffic. The new version of the Net Access Manager 3.0 synchronizes user profiles with enterprise directory services (NDS, LDAP, NT) already in use, providing accuracy and easy administration.

The Net Access Manager is being used by enterprise managers to gather meaningful information that may be used to manage and control the usage of Net resources in the various departments within a corporation.

Using the enhanced Reporting features of Version 3.0, IT managers could use the reports to allocate costs to particular departments according to Internet usage, making each department accountable for its own usage.

Sequel Net Access Manager 3.0 is available now for Microsoft Windows NT, and includes support for filtration points on either Windows NT or Sun Solaris.

For additional information, visit the Sequel Technology Web site.