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Superscape Shows New 3D Web Browser

Superscape VR plc previewed its Viscape Universal 3D Web Browser at the VRML 98 event being held in Monterey, CA.

Viscape Universal allows users to browse the thousands of pages of VRML content on the Internet and to view both VRML 97 and SVR files.

"Our objective in developing Viscape Universal was to provide the best browser available for users and designers. This product confirms our strong commitment to the VRML 97 standard and to further boosting the market for interactive 3D on the Web," said Paul Beardow, Project Manager for Viscape Universal at Superscape.

Viscape Universal's advanced graphics renderer can run on all systems using Microsoft DirectX. It delivers what the vendor calls "excellent frame rates" and can take advantage of accelerator cards for increased performance.

Fully multithreaded to make best use of multiprocessor systems running Windows NT, it supports spatialized sound and Microsoft Active Movie.

Superscape, the UK's leading VR software company, is traded on the London Stock Exchange.