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Sybase Releases jConnect for JDBC 3.0

Sybase, Inc. today announced the release of jConnect for JDBC 3.0, a 100% Pure Java implementation of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

jConnect for JDBC 3.0 provides direct database access for business applications created with Java, and features increased performance and security for Java applets or applications.

According to Sybase, jConnect for JDBC 3.0 shows a 50% higher performance than the 2.0 release. The improved processing speeds enable users to quickly access their information.

Additionally, version 3.0 supports the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides users with end-to-end data encryption and authentication of Java applets by utilizing the customer's existing browser SSL configuration.

Other improvements include multibyte character set support, enabling full internationalization. This enables developers to create international applications. The tool now includes support for many Asian character sets, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

A free trial development version of jConnect for JDBC may be downloaded from the Sybase Web site. The full release is sold on a per-server basis of $495 per server, with unlimited client access. The Enterprise version retails for $1,995 per server. Additional information may be found on the Sybase Web site.