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DataChannel Unveils XML-based Intranet Tools

DataChannel this week released betas of two new XML-based intranet tools to coincide with the recommendation of the Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 specification by the World Wide Web Consortium.

The DataChannel XML Parser 1.0 beta, part of the DataChannel XML Developer Toolkit to be released later this quarter, is a Java-based XML parser that facilitates server-side XML parsing and integration. Developers will be able to use the XML parser to make their applications XML-aware by allowing them to import XML data into their data structures.

The DataChannel XML Developer Toolkit will also include:

  • Pax Syntactica--a lightweight XML parser
  • DataChannel XML Viewer--an applet that utilizes the PAX Syntactica parser to walk through and view XML tree data
  • XML Server--a tool with support for a database schema for managing and distributing meta data
  • CDF Viewer demo--a preview of the upcoming DataChannel CDF Viewer client

Additionally, DataChannel announced the release of its ChannelManager 2.0 beta. The product provides enterprise developers with a tool that integrates legacy databases, document management systems, news feeds, PC applications, URLs, and e-mail into a functional intranet using an open API and multiple client support.

For additional information about DataChannel and their new products, visit the DataChannel Web site.