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AccuSoft Releases Java Document/Image Viewer

AccuSoft Corporation this week released NetVue/JAVA, a pure Java document viewer applet.

The product provides an easy, cost-effective, fast method of adding lightning-fast document image viewing to the Web, without the long download time of standard Web images.

NetVue/JAVA utilizes an Internet-specific architecture for viewing multipage TIFF documents, JPEG and GIF images, thumbnails, and annotations. The images are able to be viewed with minimal delay.

According to AccuSoft, by combining code optimization with multithreading and background processing, NetVue/JAVA is able to provide a platform independent method of viewing these images, and has many advanced features including:

  • Full support for displaying annotations
  • Small footprint with minimized memory usage
  • Scale-to-gray display enhancement for quality and readability
  • Page thumbnail browser for multipage documents
  • Extensive zooming and scrolling options
  • A simplified user interface

For additional information on NetVue/JAVA or the complete NetVue family of products, visit the AccuSoft Web.