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AT&T Wireless Announces Web Developer's Kit for Wireless

AT&T Wireless Services this week introduced a Web Developer's Kit (WDK), a toolkit designed to enable content creators to develop wireless-enabled Web sites.

Visitors to these sites can send messages to AT&T Digital PCS, AT&T alphanumeric paging, and AT&T PocketNetTM service wireless customers.

By using the WDK, corporations are able to provide text paging capabilities to wireless customers from their intranet or Internet Web site. This allows customers to leverage the power of the Net using wireless technology to deliver quick, concise messages.

AT&T already has a similar wireless service available via their Web site as well as using a standard e-mail application. This new technology will enable corporations to create an instantaneous link on their site that sends the message from the customer to the employee.

Current uses for wireless technology on the Web center around customer interaction. One such example is the use of a Web "send page" to generate leads for a salesperson that has his or her products displayed on a site. Messages would be linked invisibly to a pager number without revealing either the number or the link to the pager.

The Web Developer's Kit provides HTML code, graphics, guidelines for interface, and usage examples from Web sites that are already using this technology.

To download a copy of the WDK, visit the AT&T Wireless Services Web WDK site.