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"Emurl" Enables On Site E-Mail for Web Sites

Seattle Lab this week announced the beta release of "Emurl," a tool that enables Web sites to offer on site e-mail to their users.

Emurl provides Web sites with the ability to provide HotMail-like e-mail support, enabling customers to access their e-mail accounts using only a Web browser.

After Emurl has been installed on a Web site, users may read, write, reply, forward, and store their e-mail on the server directly from the Web site. Several sites on the Web such as HotMail currently allow Web e-mail access, but Emurl is the first product that enables ISPs and corporations to provide the same type of option to their customers.

Seattle Lab expects remote users and travelers to be very enthusiastic about the product, as it will become very easy for users to check their e-mail from any location, provided they have access to a Web browser.

Emurl will work using any POP3 e-mail server, and even allows each user to collect e-mail from accounts on up to 20 different POP3 servers. The product works as an extension to Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), and is limited to use with that particular Web server at this time.

Emurl is in beta production now, with release of Version 1.0 expected in early March at a retail price of $425. Until then, the beta version may be downloaded from Seattle Lab's Web site.