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Superscape, Logitech Unveil 3D Web Page Solution

Superscape and Logitech announced that the new version of Superscape's 3D authoring software, VRT5.50, will be bundled with a Logitech Space Mouse 3D Controller as part of the standard package.

The Logitech Space Mouse 3D Controller is not just a souped-up mouse, but rather a professional input device for designing real-time 3D Web pages with up to 6 degrees of freedom. The tool senses the amount of pressure or twist applied to its "cap" in each of the six axes and allows objects and viewpoints to be moved forward, backward, and rotated in any direction.

Users are able to translate the sense of touch into the dynamic movement of objects within 3D space, as the tool supports X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, and yaw movements. The buttons of the device are freely programmable, which enables the user to customize the motion control and sensitivity.

Superscape VRT5.50 features Superscape's new object renderer which allows for Gouraud shading, advanced transparency, and lit texturing, increasing the realism of 3D environments without the need for hardware acceleration.

Sorting is said to be easier using selective z-buffering, and the included Drag'n'Drop Warehouse features over 800 Virtual Clip Art objects that can be used to create virtual worlds while minimizing the effort required. VRT5.50 features support for VRML 97 import and export, and the SVR format.

The newest version of Superscape VRT5.50 with the Space Mouse 3D Controller is available now. For additional information about the partnership, visit the Superscape and Logitech Web sites.