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GeoCities Now Offering Cosmo HomeSpace 3D Web Site Tool

GeoCities today announced it is offering "homesteaders"--those who host their Web site on GeoCities--free access to a trial version of HomeSpace, a 3D Web software tool from Cosmo Software.

The free tool may be downloaded from the Cosmo HomeSpace Pavilion on GeoCities, which is the Web's largest and some say fastest growing community of free home pages. At the present time, GeoCities has more than 1.4 million active members and routinely receives more than 9 million unique visitors each month.

The Cosmo HomeSpace Pavilion is like 3D central on GeoCities, and provides homesteaders with fast access to the tools that are used to add 3D content to home pages.

Cosmo Software is now offering the homesteaders a trial of its Cosmo HomeSpace Designer, a tool enabling individuals to add virtual content to their home pages. Additionally, Cosmo is providing models and textures to help users upgrade their sites. Cosmo HomeSpace Designer comes with Cosmo Player 2.0, Cosmo Software's universal VRML client.

GeoCities is going to highlight those homesteaders who add 3D content to their sites in a special area on GeoCities. According to GeoCities, this area will feature "some of the most imaginative, and creative home pages, as well as special tips and tricks for building a 3D-enabled site."

Also, GeoCities will offer tutorials that will assist homesteaders in the creation of personal 3D Web spaces using Cosmo HomeSpace Designer.

To learn more about GeoCities, or the Cosmo HomeSpace Pavilion, visit the GeoCities home page.

GeoCities' Homesteaders will also have access to more than 250 multimedia files, information on the use and creation of Parable's "Things," and a trial version of Parable's ThingMaker 1.0--a drag-and-drop multimedia authoring tool used to create and modify Things.

In addition, GeoCities will host a special area called Homesteader Things, where Homesteaders can exhibit the Things they create with Parable's ThingMaker software. For more information on Things, visit Parable's Web site.