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NetObjects Releases ScriptBuilder 2.0 beta

NetObjects recently acquired the Infuse scripting editor from Acadia Software, and today announced the official "prerelease" version of its first upgrade to the software, which is now called NetObjects ScriptBuilder 2.0.

The newest version of ScriptBuilder 2.0 is based on the prerelease version of Infuse 2.0. NetObjects incorporated various enhancements into ScriptBuilder 2.0, including functionality that combines both client- and server-side Web scripting, and support for both Netscape's and Microsoft's scripting environments.

The product also supports the latest JavaScript, JScript, VBScript, Lotus Script, HTML, and D-HTML language elements as well as the latest LiveWire and Active Server Pages extensions, and features many productivity enhancements, including AutoScripting, which replaces text as you type; new code templates, which allow quick insertion of elements such as function blocks; and a revised Script Library, which provides greater code management capabilities and support for .JS files

To download the prerelease trial of ScriptBuilder 2.0, or for additional information on ScriptBuilder, visit the NetObjects Web site.