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INTEL Targets Developers with Multimedia, Graphics Tools

Intel Corporation announced today that it is expanding its Web developer tool offerings with the introduction of Intel Web Design Effects and Intel Indeo Media Kit, two new products that will help Web designers deliver animated effects, and rich audio and video content to Web pages.

Intel Web Design Effects is a design tool that allows Web developers to create animated effects such as fire, rain, smoke or other customized effects.

Intel Indeo Media Kit is a software package that provides innovative progressive download technology and audio and video tools for Web developers to produce high-quality multimedia content.

The scaleable technology not only improves the quality and speed of downloading, it also allows the user to preview the transfer or view the downloaded file at a later time.

Intel Web Design Effects is a tool set that enables Web developers to create non-repeating, realistic animated effects for Web pages. Unlike traditional animated effects which are performed by delivering multiple bitmap sequences, Intel Web Design Effects uses the PC's processor to generate animated effects from a single bitmap on the client system.

The results are animated effects that use less bandwidth. Web designers can select or create an effect, choose an image, mask the area to be animated, and then combine the content to produce a desired animated effect.

It includes a number of ready-made animated effects, as well as tools to create, customize and store additional effects.

The Intel Indeo Media Kit is a software package that allows Web developers to produce and deliver scaleable video clips via the Internet. The kit includes Intel's Progressive Download Publisher, Indeo Video 5.0 and Indeo Audio codec.

Progressive Download Publisher delivers high-quality, scaleable video over the Web that improves video quality and frame rate as the download progresses.

Viewers can preview and choose at which quality to save the video. Then, they can continue browsing while the high-quality video completes its download in the background.

Indeo Video 5.0 Indeo Video is a video codec that offers compression and video playback performance enhancements for Intel MMXz technology and Pentium II processor.

Both Intel Web Design Effects and Intel Indeo Media Kit are available through online resellers at http://www.intel.com/product/multimedia. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $149 U.S. for each package.