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Web-Based Training for Web Developers

Technical publisher O'Reilly & Associates has teamed up with Digital Education Systems (DES) to produce training programs in Web development that are based on O'Reilly's best-selling books.

The O'Reilly/DES training programs can be accessed on the Web and through corporate intranets.

The Web-based courses are designed to include instructor interaction, through email, Web boards, and course updates posted on the web.

O'Reilly and DES are finalizing agreements with major international institutions that are licensing Web-based courses for localized delivery, and with colleges and universities that will incorporate the courses into their distance learning programs.

The O'Reilly/DES Web development training program offers the entry-level courses "Web Publishing and Design" and "Developing Web Applications."

More advanced courses include "Developing Secure Commerce Applications," "Learning Perl and CGI," "Developing for Microsoft's Active Platforms," "Learning Java on the Web," and "Programming Perl with Databases."

A demo version of the "Learning Perl and CGI" course is available at training.oreilly.com and www.digitalcreators.com/preview.